Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. (LBN) manufactures a full line of multi-use soaps, body washes, spray cleaners, and laundry powder. Every product is a nontoxic, vegan, grey water safe, nut oil free, and environmentally friendly formula. These can be used in a wide range of places, from individual home use all the way to industrial applications to provide a VOC free atmosphere. We are industry innovators in the soap, cosmetic, and cleaners sectors by replacing harmful chemicals with mother-nature derived ingredients. Our strict policies far exceed current industry standards making Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. products safe for use.

Our facility and manufacturing practices have been zero waste from day one. LBN products hold a very long shelf life, are sold in their final form in multi-use concentrate, and all packaging is reused first or recycled. The trash bin that goes to the local dump remains empty to this day. As other innovators in product packaging advance, we look forward to switching to 100% compostable bottles that can withstand the vigors of bottling, storage, and shipping. For now our HDPE bottles are commonly downcycled into other products. Our powder box containers are corrugated cardboard with a thin 1 mil liner. A first in our industry, we created a foldable and biodegradable powder scoop to replace the plastic scoops usually found in this type of product.

The ingredients we use are chosen for the traceability to the source. A few of the common certifications that our ingredients hold are USDA Organic, VEGECERT, Non-GMO, and COR Kosher. Our main ingredient and base oil is made at a family run sunflower farm in Minnesota. It is grown, pressed, bottled, and shipped directly to us from the people who tend to the land and grow the plant from seed. All of our scented products are crafted using plant essential oils. We have taken the recommended essential oil dilution for use on infants/elderly and reduced our usage to 1/5 of that recommendation. We look forward to switching all ingredients to family run farms/manufacturing as these innovations are created.

Listing of Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. ingredients is fully disclosed on our website and every fully packaged product. We have made an easy to read format that acknowledges the common name, scientific name, and any third-party certifications an ingredient holds. It's important to our founders and staff to change the labeling practices in the industries we are in. Currently, there is no requirement that forces soap, cosmetic, or cleaner companies to list any ingredients at all on the packaging. The marketing terms “organic”, “natural”, and “green” have no hard definition and have been over abused for decades. Please look on every label and research the ingredients you do find. We have complied a printable version of our Unacceptable Ingredients List to use as a shopping guide to avoid the 100,000+ harmful chemicals found on any store shelf.

Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. operates under the partnership direction of the founders Alex Schreiber and Jason Schreiber. Every step of manufacturing, packaging, graphic design, marketing, sales, and even the scoops is started and finished under the LBN facility roof in Denton, Texas, USA. The funding to start the company came from the founders' personal savings and remains 100% bootstrapped for the last 3 years. There are no bank loans, investor debt, or high interest credit backing the company operations. Alex and Jason are firm believers in the practice of “voting with your dollars”. Your choice as an educated consumer is growing and sustaining Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. with every order.

Go against the grain of a combined 75 billion dollar industry that has insisted on faulty business practices for almost a century. In the times we live, your influence as a educated consumer has the ability to shape the world. Let's do something special together at Lion Bear Naked Soap Co. Join us in the clean up.