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Washboard Wonder – laundry powder & stain lifter
Washboard Wonder laundry powder is designed for high efficiency washing machines, but works great in top loading as well. The powder dissolves quickly in both hot and cold washes. This all-inclusive product contains a built in fabric softener and brightening agent, so no additional products are needed. Clothes will be left deodorized, softened, and lightly scented after the wash and dry cycles. Our clean rinse formula is nontoxic and safe for cloth diapers. Each box contains 40 loads and 2 biodegradable scoops. Our foldable DIY scoops are revolutionary in the industry and will greatly limit the waste that is traditionally created by disposable plastic scoops. As a paste, Washboard Wonder is a great pre-treat for stain removal on any fabric. Finally a laundry powder that washes the way it's supposed to, leaving your laundry fresh and deodorized! We add plant essential oils for the scents and all variations complete a two week curing time before packaging.

The cleaning doesn't stop at the laundry room. Washboard Wonder can also be used as a gentle scrubbing agent. It is safe for use on tubs, sinks, porcelain, tiles, appliances, and counters. Our very own Nuttin But Suds unscented soap is the cleaning base for Washboard Wonder. Every ingredient has an important role in your cleaning needs while you easily scrub away residue.

One packaging option exists for Washboard Wonder. The only size sold is 5lbs in a corrugated box lined with a 1 mil plastic liner. Two LBN foldable and biodegradable scoops are included in every box. Some easy household alternatives to our biodegradable scoops are ¼ cup measuring cups or shot glasses.

Directions and Uses
Laundry Machine (HE safe):
1 scoop (2oz) for economic small loads
2-3 scoops for normal to large loads
Stain Pre-treating: Use a few pinches of LBN Laundry Powder with a small amount of water to make a paste. Rub into the stained area and let it sit before washing.
Surface Scrub: Make a paste with water and scrub-a-dub-dub, great for the bathroom and kitchen.