Frequently Asked Questions at Lion Bear Naked Soap Co.
Q: Will using any of LBN products give me superhuman strength and an epic beard to go along with those powers?
A: This is what we call out of box thinking for product usage. To our knowledge superhuman strength and other superpowers such as uncontrollable beard growth are not side effects of LBN products.
Q: Is Nuttin But Suds soap safe for washing eyes and bathing?
A: One of the most popular uses for Nuttin But Suds is a face wash. Lather it in your hands before applying. We also have a dilution to help with a basic body wash, half soap and half water. A mild sting will occur if you get some on your eyes. We do not add numbing agents to any of our products.
Q: Would Head To Toe Wash work on oily hair?
A: For oily hair you may have better results using Nuttin But Suds as a shampoo and Head To Toe Wash as a light conditioner. Head To Toe Wash will add moisturizing qualities to your skin and hair.
Q: Can you use your soaps and washes on colored treated hair?
A: We do not recommend using LBN products on colored treated hair and want to maintain the altered look. LBN soaps and washes will help if you are wanting to grow out the color and return to your natural hair color. Highly recommended for maintaining natural hair color. Please discuss our ingredients with your salon or barber expert about the usage of LBN products with other hair treatments.
Q: Are your soaps pH balanced?
A: The term "pH balanced" is a bit of a marketing ploy frequently used in the advertising of the soap and cosmetics industry. Because it is highly unregulated in America, pH can be "balanced" to any number 0-14 on the pH scale and still maintain that it is pH balanced without any litigious threat. Despite the downfalls of the industry, we highly regulate our production. We measure the pH of every single batch of soap we make before bottling or rolling it into other products. Our soap will always be bottled in a pH range of 8.5-9.5, never higher. We make a chemically pure, unbuffered soap, if we ever measure a pH higher than 9.5 the curing time is extended until it is in the safe range. The nature of soap makes it fairly impossible to lower the pH much more than an 8 because the oil and lye will separate. Surprised at what soap companies allow their products, we decided to carefully monitor the curing process of our soaps to ensure the safety of our customers.
Q: Will Nuttin But Suds work in an automatic or foaming pump dispenser?
A: The viscosity of Nuttin But Suds soap will allow it to flow through most manual and automatic dispensers. We happen to think Nuttin But Suds looks the best through a foaming dispenser. Please use our suggested dilution of 1 part soap to 2 parts water.
Q: Is LBN Laundry Powder safe for both colored and white clothes?
A: Our Laundry Powder is safe for all colors. It will lighten the whites and not fade the colors. There is hydrogen peroxide in our formula but not at a concentration that will change the look of your clothing.
Q: Do you ship internationally to a US military bases?
A: USPS allows us to ship internationally to MPO/APO and other US military bases. Your order will be shipped priority flat rate.
Q: Is LBN Laundry Powder added directly into the drum, or is it added to the dispenser?
A: For high efficiency machines, you may add it to the dispenser. The water that washes through that compartment dissolves it easily as it washes into the drum.
For top loading machines, add it directly to the drum. When using a standard washer, I prefer to wash on warm to ensure that the powder doesn't get caught in the clothes of a large load. It will, however, dissolve into cold water just as easily if agitated.

Q: Is Face & Hand Soap still available?
A: Yes it is! We have changed our labels and the very same soap is now called Nuttin But Suds Lavender+Tea Tree+Cedarwood. Same soap, new name.
Q: Does LBN Laundry Powder leave powdery residue on clothing at all?
A: Our laundry soap is only available as the mineralized powder; however, it dissolves immediately when it contacts hot or cold water and does not leave a powdery residue on clothing. We personally use the powder in front-loading high efficiency machines with no trouble. The powder is made using three liquids and two powders, so it is very hydrophilic. The hydrogen peroxide whitens and brightens clothes without fading colors. The vinegar is a natural fabric softener. The essential oil is added as an extra disinfecting agent. The baking soda, soda ash, and Nuttin But Suds soap are the cleaning, deodorizing, and stain-lifting agents. Your clothes will be left scentless and deodorized.
Q: Are you still offering free delivery within Denton County?
A: Yes we are! If your shipping address is in a Denton County, Texas zipcode the “local delivery” shipping option will be available to you. Just choose the “local delivery” and the shipping will be free with no minimums.
Q: Is Texas Gold Soap still available?
A: We have phased out our Texas Gold Soap because it is our only product containing a nut oil (pecan oil). Due to our prevalence within the allergy-sensitive portion of our population, we decided to switch our Texas Gold Soap to a nut oil free recipe that is scented with the same ruby red grapefruit essential oil. The new nut oil free recipe will smell the very same but will have apricot kernel oil in place of the pecan oil. We hope you will enjoy Nuttin But Suds Ruby Red Grapefruit in place of the Texas Gold Soap.
Q: What are your scent free products like?
A: I think you will be very pleased with our unscented soap called Nuttin But Suds. There is no harsh chem or fragrance smell to it. Most people that pick it up says it's void of smell.
Q: Do you ship to Canada?
A: We are currently reviewing the trade rules regarding shipping to Canada from the US. Would you like us to add you to our notification list, so you receive an email when we open up international trade?
Q: Can Nuttin But Suds soap be used as a daily hand soap?
A: Our Nuttin But Suds soap is formulated to improving skin health and makes a great daily hand wash. We felt hand washing was an one of the obvious uses for Nuttin But Suds and left it off of the labeling. Other than washing hands it also makes a great base soap for any DIY skin care or cleaning product. If you would like to use it in a foaming pump bottle please follow the directions on our web site page called Our Products.
Q: Do you make a unscented Head To Toe Wash? Is it for sensitive skin?
A: We do not currently offer an unscented Head to Toe Wash; however, we frequently receive requests for that product so we plan to offer one in the near future. All of our products are designed for people with sensitive skin, even our current scents of Head to Toe Wash. All of our products are scented with essential oils, so they provide the skin healing properties that the oils offer too. Our Healing Vapors scent is the most popular among people who prefer unscented products because of the mild soothing scent it provides.

Q: Do you make a laundry soap which is safe for merino wool? Many soaps strip the natural lanolin.
A: Our laundry powder contains no ingredients that strip the fibers or colors of fabric, so I believe it would work great on merino wool. It is a very mild cleanser that is great for removing dirt and neutralizing odors, but very gentle on fabrics.
Q: Do you offer a small sample so that I can try LBN products before I purchase Bulk?
A: To help with the uncertainty of a new product, we do offer a sampling discounts for our smaller sizes. Send us a message ahead of your order if you would like to try something.

Q: Does LBN Laundry Powder work with HE machines?
A: Yes, it is designed for HE machines. It is a quick-dissolving mineralized soap that can be used with hot or cold wash cycles.
Q: Are there any colorants (oxide pigments, Labcolors, micas, etc.) in LBN products?
A: We do not use any colorants in our soaps. Our base soap is light yellow due to the sunflower oil that is used to make it. We wanted to make all of our products easily accessible to people with a wide variety of allergies, so we used only what is necessary to make the products, with the addition of a few essential oils for the products that are scented.
Q: Could I get a sample of LBN Laundry Powder in my order?
A: We would be happy to send a 1 load sample of any scent or unscented. Please list which variety you would like in the order comments section. We will include it with your order.