Head To Toe Wash

Head to Toe Wash – multi-use hair & body wash
Head to Toe Wash is a Hair+Body+Shave experience in one bottle. This is a multiple use wash unlike any created before. Use this as a hair shampoo or light conditioner, then a body wash, and follow it up as an alternative to shaving gels. Our very own Nuttin But Suds unscented soap gives the cleaning power and is blended with plant essential oils for a scent that benefits your hair and skin.

Head to Toe Wash lathers best with a sponge ball and has the all-familiar body gel feel. The viscous quality of Head to Toe Wash can be used with a washcloth or any washing device. You can literally use it anywhere from your head to your shoulders, knees and toes... knees and toes. Two packaging options exist for Head to Toe Wash. The smaller size is in a HDPE 16 fl oz squeezable bottle topped with a fliptop nozzle cap. The bulk size is a HDPE 1/2 gallon jug topped with a flat cap.

We realize everyone has their own unique hair and skin qualities that change from season to season. This is a basic guideline to help you with LBN skin care products. If your hair is less oily or considered dry then Head to Toe Wash will work for you as a complete multi-use product. If your hair is more oily or you use hair products that are hard to wash out, you might have a better result by using our Nuttin But Suds soap as a shampoo. Then follow with the Head to Toe Wash as a light conditioner and body wash. Head to Toe Wash will help moisturize any skin type or skin condition, such as eczema.

Directions and Uses
For Hair: Massage into hair and rinse. Repeat washing if removing hair products.
For Body: Pour a quarter size in washcloth or bath sponge and lather up.
For Shaving: Wet skin first, then spread a small amount of product.
Highly recommended for natural hair and skin. Not recommended for color treated hair.