Laundry Soap (Unscented) 5 lbs - 160 loads

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Laundry Soap Powder (Unscented) scented
Castile based laundry soap, concentrated powder, HE safe, 160 loads

LBN Laundry Soap is rated by EWG and was awarded an “A” the lowest toxicity rating available on the EWG Guide To Healthy Cleaning. This product was called Washboard Wonder in the past.

Label Information

Use in all auto washers or hand soak to stain lift. Safe for all fabrics. Brightens whites without fading colors. Dissolves in hot or cold water. Leaves laundry deodorized and softened. Clean rinse formula is safe for cloth diapers, kid clothes, bedding, and pet blankets.

LBN Laundry Soap is not just your everyday laundry powder. It can also be used as a powerful, nontoxic alternative to cleansing scrubs for your bathtub, sink, floors, porcelain, and plastics.

Laundry Soap Powder (Lavender) Ingredients:
Sodium carbonate (Soda Ash), Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Distilled White Vinegar, { Saponized Helianthus annuus oil (Non-GMO Sunflower Seed), Elaeis guineenis oil (Palm Kernel [USDA]) }, naturally forming vegetable glycerin, Hydrogen peroxide
Certifications: [USDA] Organic

Warnings: If irritation occurs on the skin or eyes, flush with cold water. For external use only. Do not eat household cleaners, cleaning powders, soaps, bodywashes, lions, or bears.

Shipping Information

Sold in a 5 lbs box with no scoops

Ships via USPS Priority
Shipping Weight: 5-6 lbs