Every Thing Cleaner -Tea Tree & Rosemary scented

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A perfectly natural formula that is streak-free on glass, lightly conditions raw wood furniture, will not harm any finish, and is safe for all materials. Every Thing Cleaner is naturally disinfectant without harsh chemicals. Turn your office and entire home into a VOC-free environment. One bottle of this multi-use, natural beauty will replace the 20-30 ugly bottles under your sink.

This tea tree and rosemary combo is toted for its germ-fighting and anti-septic properties. As it sits perfectly between mid-century and modern cleaning smells, the familiar clean smell in grandma's kitchen brought into the today's world.

Every Thing Cleaner (Tea Tree + Rosemary)
Acetic acid (Distilled white vinegar), Reverse osmosis water, Essential oils: Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary [USDA][COR][VEG]), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree [USDA] [VEG] [COR])
Certifications: [USDA] Organic [COR] Kosher [VEG] Vegecert

If irritation occurs on the skin or eyes, flush with cold water. For external use only. Do not eat household cleaners, cleaning powders, soaps, bodywashes, lions, or bears.

For general surface cleaning on any surface (kitchen, bathroom, windows, toys, furniture, ect)
Spray generously on surfaces and let sit for a minute. Wipe and dry surface.

For quick mop for hard surfaces -
Use any style mop. Spray directly on soiled floor and let sit for a minute. Proceed to mop, use more product if needed.

For fabric and cloth furniture freshener -
Spray very light mist bursts on fabrics, and furniture. Let items dry completely before use.

For scented air conditioner filter -
Spray light mist bursts directly on air filter. Do not saturate the filter. Install the air filter in A/C unit. Respray only when the scent is not noticeable and the filter has dried completely.

Shipping Info:
Sold in a 32 fl oz handled jug
Shipping Weight: 2-3 lbs