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Surface Cleaners

Every Thing Cleaner – multi-use vinegar based cleaner
Every Thing Cleaner is a perfect all-purpose spray cleaner for VOC-free areas such as offices, kitchens and kid play areas. We use plant essential oils to create a scent that also increases the cleaning properties. We made it simple and easy to clean everything around you with just one bottle. Every Thing Cleaner can be used on plastics, vinyl, any fabric, glass, wood, metal, any stone, window tinting, and will not harm any finishes. The vinegar base has natural disinfectant properties combating viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold. It is streak-free on glass, lightly conditions raw wood, melts away soap residue in the bathroom, and lifts oils/grease in the kitchen.

Many of our clients have put Every Thing Cleaner to the test and have come up with alternate uses that we had not considered. We liked them so much these suggestions are included in our directions. The uses grow every year and many have proved you can clean everything around you with just one bottle. You will not find anything else that is streak-free on glass and also lightly conditions raw wood furniture. Two packaging options exist for Every Thing Cleaner. The smaller size is in a HDPE 32 fl oz bottle topped with a flat cap. A sprayer is available for an additional cost that fits the 32 fl oz bottle. The bulk size is a HDPE 1 gallon jug topped with a flat cap.

Directions and Uses
Surface Cleaner: Spray generously on surfaces and let sit for a minute. Wipe and dry surface.
All Purpose Freshener: Spray directly on air filters, clothes, shoes, car interior, cushioned furniture to freshen the item.
Precious Metals and Stones Polish: Spray on a soft tooth brush, gently clean with brushing motion, then rinse with water.
Rinse Water Sanitizer: For every 1 gallon of water; add 1/4 cup of Every Thing Cleaner.
Hair Detangler: Spray on ends of hair when wet and work through, then rinse.


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