Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap

Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap – multi-use liquid soap
Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap is crafted using saponification techniques similar to those found in the Castilian region of Spain. We combine an old world technique with the modern technology of stainless steel vessels, chemistry calculations and pH meters to make sure the balance of ingredients is safe for use. One batch of Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap takes 10 hours to make and goes through an additional curing time of 2 weeks. The final soap does not have any additional ingredients nor buffers. Our concentrated formula is tested multiple times during the curing process to ensure pH levels are appropriate for skin use. All naturally forming vegetable glycerin is retained for a deeply moisturizing feel. Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap also makes a powerful natural cleaner for every task.

Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap was inspired by our clients like you. A tiny suggestion on our social media led us to make this soap that is free of nut oils; a hard to find product on store shelves. We held a contest to name it. Entries poured in but one name caught our attention immediately for this unique soap. This quickly became our most popular product and a flagship in our company. A domino effect happened and Lion Bear Naked was transformed into a nut-oil free company across all product lines.

Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap in unscented and scented varieties is sold as a concentrate for ease of use and to limit weight during shipping. Two packaging options exist for Sunflower Castile Liquid Soap. The smaller size is in a HDPE 16 fl oz squeezable bottle topped with a fliptop nozzle cap. The bulk size is a HDPE 1/2 gallon jug topped with a flat cap.

Direction and Uses
Bubble Baths, Veggie Washes, & Pet Baths: 1/8 - 1/4 cup in sinks to tubs
Mop Solutions, Car Washes, & Hand Washed Laundry: 1/8 - 1/4 cup soap in a bucket/sink
General Cleaning Spray, & Natural Bug Spray for Plants: 1 tbsp soap to 1 quart (32oz) of water
Foaming Soap Pumps: 1 part soap to 2 parts water
Carpet Cleaner Solution: 1/4 cup soap to 1 cup water