Testimonials from our email and social media:
Stay awesome. We love you guys!!!
-S. Woods from Las Vegas, NV - Septmeber 6, 2016

Your products are worth it! I love that they are all natural and chemical free. I just had a baby and have been trying to find products like yours. Thank you for creating something that I feel comfortable using with a baby in the house :-)
-Ramona H. from San Jose, CA - June 30, 2016
I'm loving the products. I was worried because both my husband and son have sensitive skin and I have had ZERO issues with either of them. Husband even comments on how he loves the clothes smell coming out of the wash (got the eucalyptus [laundry powder] scent). We will be buying more in the future!
-Kelly R. from Denton, TX - August 25, 2015

We placed our order on Saturday And it was delivered to Pennsylvania Monday morning, that is some service. Thank You.
-J. Beyer from Kingston, PA - August 10, 2015

Love what you are doing!
-Ann Marie D. - August 10, 2015

Holy cow! Wow! Thank you so much! ;). I look forward to trying your products! I read an article about
you on FaceBook last night and was intrigued! Thanks again!
-Laura - August 9, 2015

I am enjoying your products! First of all, you were too kind to send a full bottle of Every Thing Cleaner when I asked for a sample. It does a great job on our glass top dining table.....just as good as the best chemical-free cleaners from Whole Foods. We are using the (last bottle of) [Nuttin But Suds Ruby Red Grapefruit] soap for washing dishes. Amazing how it cleans peanut butter off of a butter knife in 2 seconds! And yes,it's mild on the skin. The laundry powder leaves absolutely no residue on clothing. We're thrilled to have found such pure ingredients products that work so well!
-C. Kissenger from Honolulu, HI - July 28, 2015

I loved your set up, your product, your list of unacceptable ingredients and what you stand for. Needless to say I'm a fan!
-Teressa Jane M. from Hickory Creek, TX - June 22,2015

We have started to try the products. I like them. The laundry soap does a nice job. The Head To Toe doesn't suds as much as we're used to, but it's a great product. My wife says her skin is much more moisturized than when she used the Dove product.
-W. Frank C. from Eau Claire, WI - June 22,2015

Thank you for your wonderful customer service!
-Sylvie G. from North Hollywood, CA - June 3, 2015

Researching for products that are free of the bad ingredients I ran into your product's and looking forward to driving to Denton to buy some. May I add I'm so happy you are local.
-Deysi J. - April 23, 2015

Traded in our dishwasher soap and for Lion Bear Naked's and will never go back-now our dishes do not taste like toxic soap and they are sparkly clean! You should try them if in the area-they deliver!
-Mischell U. from The Colony, Texas - January 28, 2015

I love your Every Thing Cleaner.  Wish you had the gallon size of Euc/Pine in stock!  I would have bought that. Looking forward to trying Nuttin But Suds.
- Connie K. of Houston, Texas - January 28, 2015
We also live in Denton and have heard about you guys from lots of our friends! You guys have a wonderful reputation and brand here in Denton and we are definitely looking forward to making this happen!
-Helen Tien, Co-founder of Kinskii from Denton, Texas - January 16, 2015

Thank you for your wholesome products. For years I had a scalp condition where sores would come up on my scalp. Dermatologists prescribed expensive prescription shampoos that didn't help. I saw your products while visiting my daughter in Denton, and decided to try the Head to Toe Wash. The sores stopped coming after a month of washing my hair with your pure product, which contains mild ingredients I have heard of and can pronounce.
I also have been using the Every Thing Cleaner for the bathrooms. Normal bathroom cleaners upset my allergies and hurt my lungs and breathing. Your natural cleaner does not affect my respiratory system, while still getting the job done. Also, the [Nuttin But Suds Ruby Red Grapefruit] soap, same thing, it cleans well without all the respiratory upset that other cleaners cause. I will be trying more of your products this year, since I'm sold on the ones I have tried.
Again, thank you. Wish more companies were this responsible.
-Carol H. from Denton, Texas - January 2, 2015

Speaking of rosemary laundry soap- verdict is we love it!  Ordering 2 more now!!
-Kristina R. of Corpus Christi, Tx - December 31, 2015 

After a good dove hunt, I need my Lion Bear. I'm impressed! The Eucalyptus Laundry Powder got dove blood out of my clothes.
-Jesse Haynes from Denton, Texas - November 4, 2014

I feel naked with and without it!
-Herman from Denton, Texas - July 18, 2014

Using Nuttin But Suds was amazing! I'm hooked thank you for making nut-free products :-)
-Staci O. from Denton, Texas - March 30, 2014

I used the Every Thing Cleaner 32 oz "Pine-lime" and was impressed. Even though it doesn't have enzymes it completely cleaned dog urine - no one was sneezing from an irritated nose and no one experienced head tremors!
I also used the Nuttin But Suds in the wash for some stinky dog beds and it worked well with no pet reaction ;)
-W.J.W. from Little Elm, Texas) - February 19, 2014

Since I have begun using [Nuttin But Suds Lavender+Tea Tree+Cedarwood] soap, my face has not broken out as it previously did (forever, it seems), and I am 51 years old! The combination of ingredients leaves my face moisturized and clean, and I wish to continue this trend! Thanks so much for your great product!
-Cindy from Denton, Texas - December 15, 2013

I placed my first order on-line, and it was an extremely easy process. Thank you, LBN, for making the site so user-friendly.
-JRS from Denton, Texas - December 1, 2013

Love hand made soap! The stuff in stores are so full of chemicals you don't need or want on your skin!!!
-Gloria from San Antonio, Texas - December 1, 2013

I really like the Dish Powder. It doesn't leave spots on my dishes. Thank you for creating and marketing this product.
-K. Wiley - October 21, 2013

So I bought [Nuttin But Suds Ruby Red Grapefruit] soap on Saturday and immediately and home and put it to the test. I soaked the drip pans from my stove (old school stove that still has drip pans), they soaked most of the afternoon I took them out and they were cleaner but nothing special. I quickly rubbed per them with steel wool and left them out to dry and figured I'd go buy that soapy steel wool that usually cleans them up. Sunday morning I got up and walked in the kitchen and it looked like more of the dirt had just melted off. I have before and after pics if you want them. They aren't perfect but given that I did practically no scrubbing like I usually would have to I'm impressed!!
-Danielle R. from Denton, Texas - August 11, 2013

I have been an "Everything Cleaner" convert for a while, but I just purchased your [Nuttin But Suds Ruby Red Grapefruit] soap and could not be happier! Following the directions on the bottle for a shower cleaner, I tackled the much-dreaded chore of cleaning my porous, rubber-based shower floor. The Texas Gold dilution cleaned with a minimum of scrubbing and absolutely no chemical fumes!
In the past, I would scrub with a well-known bathroom cleaning spray, while wearing gloves and holding my breath. My eyes would water and my skin would sting. To top it all off, the results would be marginal, at best.
Sign me up for a lifetime supply of soap! I am never going back to poison chemical cleaners.
-Julieanne S. from Denton, Texas - August 1, 2013

Amazing products! The Every Thing Cleaner and [Nuttin But Suds] soap are my favorites so far. I was able to completely clean my bathroom mirror and faucets with sinks with 1 squirt on a paper towel. My mirrors look better than I have EVER had them. My faucets are so clean and shiny! Wow great products and kudos to helping our environment. I am a fan for sure and will be recommending your products to everyone I know.
-Erin T. from Senoia, Georgia - July 18, 2013

As a side note, the face wash actually helped heal my husband's skin after his annual basal cell treatment. Usually he suffers through weeks of discomfort while using the cancer treatment cream. With your product, he noticed an immediate relief from the sensitivity and a much faster healing time. We were immediately sold on your products after his positive experience!
-Julieanne and Larry from Denton, Texas - July 13, 2013